6 Reasons Your Kids Should Have a Pen Pal

6 Reasons Your Kids Should Have a Pen Pal

As a mother and homeschooler I am constantly looking for ways to encourage education through fun. Learning shouldn’t be a chore that needs completed but a lifestyle of exploring. That’s why I love using pen pals as a teaching tool.

childrens penpal

  • It will help to improve your child’s reading and writing skills.

Perhaps most obviously, writing and receiving handwritten pen pal letters practices both reading and writing skills. In the day and age we live in emails and text messaging rely on shorthand (such as LOL, NP, THX), fail to capitalize and punctuate properly, and write in phrases instead of full sentences.  While technology is very important, learning to properly write helps encourage better use of grammar skills. As well as it being so much more fun to practice writing while writing to a friend than writing for school. Plus in our technological world, how awesome is it to teach children the art of the handwritten letter. Free Pen pal printable 1

 I have made this fun printable to help you encourage writing skills in a fun way CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 

  • It allows your child to connect to another person .

Allowing your child to connect and share in another children’s joys and adventures is a great way to build a friendship.  It teaches children to learn that there is a world bigger than themselves. Reading first-hand stories from their pen pal can encourage children to think creatively while reading and writing letters. It’s also a great way to teach children the art of gift giving. Finding a gift that their pen pals would enjoy encourages children to think of other before always asking to buy things for themselves. penpals for kids

  • Teaching Children Patience

Writing, mailing letters, and waiting to receive one back takes time.  In this instant-gratification world we live in it is a great opportunity to teach your children the importance of patience. Letters or packages from pen pals can be spaced out by weeks or even months. By having a pen pal, children experience the joy of anticipation and the more satisfying reward of getting something after a wait.

kids pen pals

  • Creating to Explore Social Studies

It is a chance to learn about other countries and cultures. Having a pen pal encourages children to take a greater interest in social studies. Thanks in part to adolescent egocentrism, tweens tend to care most about topics that have a personal relevance to them. Having a pen pal in a far-flung nation provides that personal connection, making the study of geography, world politics and world history feel less foreign, more meaningful and more worthy of attention. IMG_6842 copy

  • Promotes thinking skills.

It is an opportunity for your child to grow in their communication skills.  They can learn to ask questions and communicate in a give-and-take manner. It also fosters the ability to search for and find common bonds, a key element of true friendship. writing a letter gives children the space to find the right words. They often freeze if they have to talk before they think and naturally promotes a deeper friendships. It’s a great opportunity to help children grow in what could be a lifelong friendship. kiddopenpals

  •  It is completely fun to receive letters and packages in the mail.

Who doesn’t love a little happy mail. A child’s smile will brighten your whole day when a new letter or package arrives!

penpal packages

We love putting together packages to international pen pals about the country we live in.


Now parents there’s one rule to this. Don’t turn this into a chore look for creative ways to encourage fun writing and if your children are young let them write and draw and you dictate a letter to go along with it. With my younger children I love using a free font called KG Primary Dots Font.

teaching font

Side Notes

  • If you are concerned about sharing your home address then opening a PO Box at the local post office is a great way to protect yourself and children.
  • If you are looking for a pen pal check out Kid World Citizen they have a list of  a couple of different ways to go about finding a pen pal for your children from another country.


Check out our Pinterest Board for more fun pen-pal  ideas.


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16 Responses to “6 Reasons Your Kids Should Have a Pen Pal”

  1. Dianna @ The Kennedy Adventures Says:

    What a fantastic idea! I’m printing out the prompts and encouraging my daughter to write one of her friends today !

    Thanks for linking up to The Thoughtful SPot!

  2. Kersandra Rettig Says:

    I hope she enjoys the printout. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. Shannen Says:

    My 14 year old has had a pen pal for about 6 years now, and they have moved from traditional letters to texting and emails, though they still send traditional letters from time to time. They consider each other to be very close friends, and are even considering visiting each other when they are older! Her penpal travels with her dad for work between Scotland and the UAE, so it would be a fun trip, all because of a little penpal she met when she was a kid!

  4. Lauren at Oh, Honestly! Says:

    This is a great idea! My oldest is at the perfect age for it and I bet he would love it. Thanks for the link on how to find a pen pal too! (Stopping over from Hump Day Happenings)

  5. Crystal Duncan (@FindingCrystal) Says:

    When I was 9 years old, I had open heart surgery. I met a girl my age but she was from NY. (I’m in SC). We started writing each other and to this day, we are still pen pals. We refuse to write emails. It’s always handwritten letters. Both of us are 30 now.

  6. Kersandra Rettig Says:

    I love all the amazing Pen Pal stories!!! Thank you for sharing everyone!

  7. Jenna @ A Savory Feast Says:

    I had lots of pen pals growing up and it was a great experience. I was able to get to know other people in different places around the country and around the world and also develop my writing skills.

    Thanks for linking up with Hump Day Happenings!

  8. Megan Walker Says:

    This is such a fun idea! I think I had a pen pal briefly in elementary school as part of a school project, and it was fascinating to me to learn about children in other parts of the world.

    Thanks for sharing with Hump Day Happenings!

  9. Carrie Says:

    Pen pals are a wonderful thing for kids of all ages. We have been enjoying having one for my daughter. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

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  11. Joey (@BTaC_blog) Says:

    I’d love for my daughter to have a pen pal. We’ve tried before, but a good pen pal is hard to find. I blame the cost of stamps for the lack of replies!

  12. Kersandra Rettig Says:

    Joey, I totally agree. It is hard to find a good pen pal however if you find one it is worth it. We have been blessed to find a good one for for each of our children.

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  15. Charlee Anne Says:

    I had a few pen pals growing up. I always loved writing and the excitement of getting a letter from a foreign place in the mail! What a great way to teach your kids. I am excited to teach mine this way, as well!

  16. Lisa @ The Wellness Wife Says:

    I agree! I loved having pen pals when I was young. I even still keep in touch with one of them!