Beginning of School Year Interview & Printable

beginning of the school year interview

For Aug subscribers I have put together a beginning of school interview for you. I don’t know about you but I am horrible at keeping up on a journal.  I started interviewing the kids and asking them different questions around 3-4 times a year to help me remember what they were like at each stage in life. Now with them getting older they can write their own answers which makes it even more of a keepsake. 

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1st day of 1st Grade

Hurray we are back to SCHOOL!!! A new school year in the Rettig House has began. We are so excited about all the new learning that is going to be done! Now all we need is some crisp, sweater wearing fall weather to join and we will be all set!!!!

First day of Kindergarten First day of preschool

First Day of School


V V V V V V V V Fun outtakes from the first day of school pictures!!!! V V V V V V V V

First Day of School Outtakes


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