Our Family Story

familey Hi my name is Kersandra. I am a wife, Mother, homeschooler, photographer, and a blogger. This blog is a celebration of marriage, family, and motherhood.

“The extra everyone’s looking for  it’s found in ordinary.” – Ann Voskamp

I am a firm believer that everyday is worth celebrating. Daily life is amazing full of the unpredictable which makes everyday a new adventure.




IMG_5967e  I have been married to my amazing husband “Daniel” for the past 11 years and we have been so blessed with 3 adorable little loves Big Brother ages 6, Sister age 4, & Turtle age 3. Our heart is to raise children with a heart for the things of the Lord and passionate love for people. In the day and age we live in it is refreshing to meet people who aren’t stuck in their little bubble but are truly being the hands and feet of Jesus to the world.





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Thank you for visit our blog and we hope you
will join us as we embark upon
Our Adventure Story

Just so you can get to know me better here is an ever growing list of the Little Things that make my heart sing!

  1.  One of my biggest passions in life is traveling! I love to visit new places and try new things. Although I don’t get to do it often I feel that traveling can strengthen any relationship and is never a waste of money.
  2.  I  love airports! I know it’s crazy but I thrive off of the anticipation that is in the air.
  3.  I have been with sweetest man in the world for 15 years!
  4.  I wish life was like the Sound of Music where people would burst into singing for no reason at all. God truly loves me because after 31 years I finally live in one. My youngest loves to burst out into song when asking for something or telling me a story.
  5. A great time in worship changes my whole prospective on life and is one of my favorite things.
  6.  I love helping people find connections with others and love to ask tons of questions to learn more about them.
  7. I LOVE playing games and never tire of playing. When I go home to visit my family and friends we will stay up until all hours of the night playing games.
  8. Finding a great new recipe often turns around, even the worst of days. I love to try new foods and will pretty much try anything once.
  9.  I have been blessed with some of the best friends ever and love spending time with them…
  10. I would rather go shopping for someone else then buy something for myself. (I can spend 2 hours in one store and talk myself out of buying anything.)
  11.  My favorite time of the Year is Christmas! I love giving gifts, baking cookies, Christmas music, decorations, ect… (I start Christmas shopping at the beginning of every year and I am normally done by the time fall comes)
  12.  I ALWAYS go to the clearance rack first. I LOVE to find a great deal and will talk about it all day.
  13. I love entertaining at my house for dinner or for the whole weekend. Although I drive Daniel crazy by running around the place making sure it is perfect.
  14. I love to plan and organize parties and celebrations for people.
  15. Although I love to cook, I LOVE going out to eat and think some of the best conversations happen over food
  16.  I could eat breakfast foods anytime of the day and normal eat them at dinner.
  17. I love to swim! I would swim everyday if I could!
  18. Early Mornings full of Bible & Prayer Time
  19. Traveling
  20. Exploring New Places
  21. Passionate love for quotation marks!!!!!!
  22. Grilling out with friends
  23. Fire and marshmallows
  24. The smell of fresh mowed grass
  25. The smell of fresh brewed coffee
  26. Bookstores
  27. Random Acts of Kindness
  28. Coffee or Tea
  29. Sleeping Babies
  30. Smiles from Strangers
  31. Giving Gifts
  32. Happy Mail
  33. Family Fun Nights
  34. Surprises
  35. cooking
  36. Breakfast foods
  37. Photo Art
  38. Kids in the Kitchen
  39. Tea Parties
  40. BOOKS
  41. Office Supplies
  42. Making People Feel Special
  43. Sharp Pencils
  44. Teaching Kids
  45. Games
  46. Roller Coasters
  47. Bargain/Treasure Hunting
  49. Reading
  50. Decorating Kids Rooms
  51. Make up
  52. Photoshop
  53. Birthdays
  54. Candles
  55. Any Excuse for a Celebration
  56. Art Stores. Paper Stores. Organization Stores. Teaching Stores.
  57. Letterpress
  58. New York Style {and any kind of}  pizza
  59. Being Laughing until you cry
  60. Being Generous
  61. Christmas Morning
  62. Pumpkin Patches
  63. Classical Music
  64. Finding Bargains
  65. Cuddles in front of the fireplace
  66. My I-Pad
  67. Being a Mama
  68. Creating a Magical Childhood for My Kids
  69. Cotton Candy
  70. Themes
  71. My Canon
  72. Praying
  73. Nap Time
  74. Blogging
  75. Balloons
  76. Tutus
  77. Being in love with my husband
  78. Picnics
  79. Holiday Traditions
  80. Fresh Flowers
  81. God’s Grace
  82. Lists