Adventure Story Book Club “2015” Theme Introduction

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

book club 2015 themes

Welcome back to a NEW YEAR of Adventure Story Book Club! We are all so excited to launch into a new year of amazing themes! This months theme is “That’s Snow Fun”  You can go in any winter fun theme you desire. We are thinking of focusing on Snowflakes in my house. What book will your family explore this month?  Make sure you come back on January 23rd to check out some awesome “Snow Fun” themed Books with learning Activities.

P.S. Don’t forget to link up your own “That’s Snow Fun” book adventures as well!!!!

What is Adventure Story Book Club?: 

Adventure Story Book Club is a free monthly book club where we will be taking a themed monthly topic and selecting any book that is appropriate to the theme. Then, on the 3rd Friday of the month we will share the book we chose and share  a fun activity, something themed related for the book that they selected. The age range is selected by the participant bloggers, so it can range from Pre-K to 12th. Our desire is to help you take your children on an adventure each month by exploring new books along with themed crafts and activities. Make sure you come back on October 17th to check out some awesome “Fall Fun” themed Books & Activities.

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Check out the bookstore for a list of  “Snow” Themed Books

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Our Amazing Participating Bloggers:

Andrea from Waldorf Salad & Cottage Fries Blog: Twitter

Christa from Little Cottage School Blog: Facebook

Christina from Classroom to Homeroom  Blog: Facebook

Jennifer from Faith & Good Works  Blog: Facebook

Kersandra from Our Adventure Story Blog: Facebook


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Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Printable

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christmas lights hunt

My children LOVE scavenger hunts so this year I have decided to make a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Printable to add to our night of fun! Click HERE to download the Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt NOW! Hope you have a very Merry time on your Christmas Adventures!

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