The Ultimate 2014 Summer Adventure List & Printable

Summer Bucket List

Happy Summer Everyone!!! We are all about Adventure Lists in our house and with the First Day of Summer right around the corner we are getting ready to jump right into the full swing of summer fun. I sat down with my kids and we put together a list of 160 family fun ideas to help you make every second count this summer!

160 Family Fun Ideas:

  1. Catch fireflies
  2. Eat Snow Cones
  3. Drink Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
  4. Eat Strawberry Shortcake
  5. Make Root Beer or Coke Floats
  6. Family Game Night
  7. Lunch with Dad at Work
  8. Go to a parade 
  9. Go bowling
  10. Play Putt-Putt
  11. Skip rocks in the river
  12. Make smoothies
  13. Watch clouds
  14. Go Bowling
  15. Make flower necklaces and crowns
  16. Pick Strawberries
  17. Pick Blueberries
  18. Pick Blackberries
  19. Grow a Garden
  20. Grow an Herb Garden
  21. Feed the Ducks
  22. Tie Dyed Shirts
  23. Make Playdoh
  24. Have a 3 Legged-race
  25. Glow in the dark ring toss
  26. Kids make dinner night
  27. Make Instruments 
  28. Paint with ice cubes
  29. Make glow in the dark bubbles
  30. Dance in the Rain
  31. Go to a Baseball Game
  32. Make a fun Summer Playlist (top 30 summer songs)
  33. Go to the Library
  34. Join a Summer Reading Program
  35. Explore and Learn about another Country
  36. Play in the Sprinklers or head to a splash park
  37. Make Popsicles
  38. Make Milk Shakes
  39. Make 3 Sec Slushies
  40. Have Family and Friends over for a Grill Out
  41. Make Homemade Salsa
  42. Make Frozen Yogurt
  43. Make Homemade Bubbles and Wands
  44. Have a Watermelon Spitting Contest
  45. Plan a Pajama Rain Day
  46. Go to the Drive-In
  47. Play Hopscotch
  48. Catch Bugs
  49. Catch Frogs
  50. Pick Wildflowers & Deliver a Bouquet to Someone You Love
  51. Make a Birdfeeder
  52. Visit a Museum
  53. Visit the Zoo
  54. Attend a VBS
  55. Watch Fireworks
  56. Make Fireworks in a Jar Project
  57. Play with Sparklers
  58. See a Family Movie at the Theater
  59. Have a Science Project Day
  60. Make Banana Splits
  61. Go Fishing
  62. Search for a 4 Leaf Clover
  63. Toss Frisbees look up the local frisbee golf park in your area
  64. Build a Indoor Fort
  65. Get a Bird Book  & Go Bird Watching (Print Bird Watching Book HERE) Make Bird Watching Binoculars
  66. Play Cornhole
  67. Star Gazing Try to identify stars & planets in the sky while stargazing from a fun location like a trampoline, the roof, or a boat dock.
  68. Travel somewhere spontaneously with no prior planning.
  69. Send a Camera Across the Country
  70. Spend the day doing things that don’t cost a cent
  71. Go on a Treasure Hunt
  72.  Host a Water Balloon Party!
  73. Go watch Shakespeare in the Park
  74. Make a Prayer Journal
  75. Whip Cream Fight
  76. Media Free Day  Turn off your computer, email, and phone for the entire day.
  77.  Read at the Park
  78. Picnic at Sunrise
  79. Go Camping
  80. Camp Out in the Back Yard Pitch a tent in your backyard and camp there for the night.
  81. Sleep on the porch all night under the stars.
  82. Shaving Cream Slip & Slide
  83. Paint by Bike
  84. Make Bag Ice Cream
  85. Go to the Zoo
  86. Mail Frisbees (and other fun stuff!)
  87. Operation Kindness Day here are 50 random acts of kindness, plus 50 more.
  88. Family Sleepover in the Basement
  89. Ice Cream Soda Day  (visit an old-fashioned soda shop… make our own?!)
  90. Blindfolded Food Tasting
  91. Wading at our favorite Creek
  92. Nighttime Family Pillow Fight
  93. Go to the Beach or Lake
  94. The Water Park!
  95. Try New Foods Day (everything you eat must be NEW!)
  96. S’mores by our Fire Pit
  97. Wash your car in the driveway & turn it into a water fight
  98. Geo-catching (never tried this but it looks like so much fun)
  99. Sidewalk Chalk or Sidewalk Paint
  100. Make and Deliver Surprise Water Fight
  101. Bakery Day  (Visit a new bakery and order ANYTHING you want!)
  102. Wake-up EXTRA Early and Go out to BREAKFAST
  103. Secret Agent Day
  104. Breakfast Picnic
  105. Paint with an Old Toothbrush
  106. Start pen paling with someone in another country (6 reasons your children so have a pen pal and Pen Pal Ideas)
  107. Read by Flashlight under the Stars
  108. Lemonade Stand
  109. Make a Obstacle Course
  110. Make a Rocket Ship (and collect moon rocks!)
  111. Fly Swatter Art
  112. Messy Play Party
  113. Stay Up Late and Read by Candlelight on the Porch
  114. Go Hiking
  115. Paint By Slip & Slide
  116. Visit a  local fair or local festival
  117. Watch a Sunrise
  118. Watch a Sunset
  119. OR Challenge Yourself and Watch a Sunrise and a Sunset within 24 hours.
  120. Go to an outdoor concert
  121. Go for a drive on the highway, and spend they day trying to get truck drivers to honk at you.
  122. Collect all of your spare change. Then, at the end of the summer, cash in your change at Coinstar and get something fun. Or use it to pay for things and feel the joy when you’re able to pay for something with the exact change
  123. Host a scavenger hunt with friends — either a driving version or a walking version.
  124. Go to a swimming pool and do cannonballs. Or, get everyone to do it and have a cannonball competition.
  125. Have a yard sale. (You’ll declutter your house and make some money at the same time!
  126. Have a spa picnic. Treat each other to a manicure and/or pedicure, or spend the day at a spa.
  127. Rent a bicycle.
  128. Take dinner to a needy neighbor.
  129. Look for a family volunteer project… share doing something that you’re truly passionate about with your children.
  130. Make a time capsule by gathering items that document this day or this year, then bury them. Don’t open til a special day in the future.
  131. Plant a butterfly garden.
  132. Buy fresh veggies from a local farmers market
  133. Grill a pizza
  134. Take a walking tour of your town or a nearby town. Maybe even give guided tours with friends.
  135. Family game night
  136. Play backyard games
  137. Have a talent show. Be sure to record it and upload it to YouTube.
  138. Attempt to break a world record.
  139. Work on a large puzzle
  140. Create a Journal Jar and start journaling
  141. Memorize Scriptures
  142. Take a walk before breakfast and/or after dinner.
  143. The next time the ice cream truck rolls through your neighborhood, buy something.
  144. Take a photo every day to document your life for the summer (start a project life album
  145. Visit a state park or national park. Here are the top 10 most visited national parks.
  146. Write a handwritten letter to someone. Add a stamp and mail it. You know how good that feels.
  147. Turn off the TV for the entire day/week/month. Here’s why you should do it.
  148. Visit a state you haven’t been to before.
  149. Gather things to donate to charity.
  150. Do something that’s completely out of your comfort zone for a change.
  151. Clean something you don’t normally clean — like the deck, the garage, or clean your down pillows. Trust me, there’s nothing more satisfying than pulling a huge clump of hair out of the drain when you didn’t even realize was draining slowly!
  152. Be a tourist in your own town. Visit popular places and see them in a whole new way. Take pictures.
  153. Bake cupcakes and deliver them to neighbors.
  154. Have a photo shoot where someone takes pictures of you or your family in different outfits and poses
  155. Go on a photo shoot scavenger hunt
  156. Host a movie night for friends/neighbors at your house.
  157. Read a book, then see the movie.
  158. Go canoeing.
  159. Go to a Home Depot Workshop
  160. Go roller skating

Bucketlist copy

Here’s a fun Bucket List Printable just for you! Happy Summer!

thebucketlist bucketlist

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20 Responses to “The Ultimate 2014 Summer Adventure List & Printable”

  1. Jen Says:

    What a great list! I wish we had fireflies over here in California. We thought they were so cool when we saw them on a vacation in New Jersey a few years ago.

  2. Kersandra Rettig Says:

    Jen- I grew up in Pennsylvania and fireflies where just a normal part of our summers. After living in Colorado for 9 years I realized just how much of a rare beauty they really were. I love getting to share it with my children now that we are living in KY.

  3. Theresa (Capri + 3) Says:

    That is an awesome list! It sounds like you are going to have an amazing summer. Thank you for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday. I hope you will share your fun ideas each week! I’d like to refer to your list for inspiration!

  4. Eileen Teo Says:

    I love theses lists! But I wont think I will even write no media day! I cant live without music! Thank you for linking it with us! #pintorials

  5. Kersandra Rettig Says:

    For us No Media Day is just no computer, phone, internet, & TV. However I guess I never think of music as media. My husband and daughters won’t be able to go a whole day without music as well 🙂

  6. Gina M. Says:

    Great ideas! We have some similar ones on our list. Today we crossed flying kites off of the list!

  7. Kersandra Rettig Says:

    I saw your picture of kite flying and was wondering if that was on your bucket list 🙂

  8. Megan Walker Says:

    How fun is this! I want to do this list too : ) Thanks for sharing on Hump Day Happenings!

  9. Kersandra Rettig Says:

    Megan you should!!! My husband and I decide we are going to put together a 6 month marriage bucket list just for us!

  10. Anne Says:

    So many great ideas! I wish we had a longer summer so we could do them all! Glad I found your post through the Fantastic Thursday link party!

  11. Kimberly Says:

    I love your list! Pinned. Thank you for being a part of our party. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm.. It is always a pleasure to have you!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  12. Steph @ Crafting in the Rain Says:

    Thanks for all these great ideas! I picked it as a feature for Do Tell Tuesday–come grab a button 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

  13. Treana B Says:

    My wrist hurts just looking at this list that you typed up. The ambition to gather all of this is AWESOME. Thank you so much for linking up to the Merry Monday link party! Hope you come back next week! – Treana @

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  15. Carrie Says:

    Some great ideas!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

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  17. Melissa French, The More With Less Mom Says:

    We will be doing lots of acts of kindness this year. Thanks for sharing. Hello from Busy Monday!

  18. Kersandra Rettig Says:

    Melissa- Do you have a post with the list of some of the acts of kindness you have done. I love getting new ideas!

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